ICBM - International Conference on Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing
A conference for academic researchers, production engineers and quality managers

Professor Heinrich Barkhausen discovered in 1919 the phenomenon of Magnetic Barkhausen Noise, which is a faint noise-like signal, generated by moving magnetic domain walls. Whilst this discovery was initially of scientific interest, it is only in more recent times (since 1980's) that it has found a rapid rise in Academic and Industrial interest through the discovery that Barkhausen noise can be used to non-destructively characterise a range of material properties important in engineering components. As such, magnetic Barkhausen noise has now developed into a sophisticated quality control tool that is used in a range of industries such as automotive and aerospace and it is actively being researched in a number of academic establishments around the world.

This conference has now established itself as the main international forum for researchers and users of the Barkhausen noise technique to meet and discuss their work. Already 12 conferences have been held. The previous conferences took place in Germany (1998), UK (1999), Finland (2001), Italy (2003), the Netherlands (2005), France (2007), Germany (2009), India (2010), Czech Republic (2011), USA (2013), Turkey (2015) and Germany (2017). ICBM12 was held in Dresden, Germany, the birth place of the phenomenon. The increased number of contributions from both industry and academia, show the continued and growing interest in this exciting method of material evaluation.


The 12th International Conference on Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing was held on Sept 25-26, 2017 at the IKTS, Maria-Reiche-Strasse 2, 01109 Dresden, Germany.

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